Synergy’s flexible Family Information Service (FIS) module has been designed as a joined-up solution to managing information, ensuring the right data is available to the right people at the right time. Secure and comprehensive, the system can be configured to suit your needs.

Some of the key features built into the system include:

  • Service provider directory – access key data such as contact details, registration, inspections and affiliations information
  • Staff and contacts database – contact information, employment/training history and development needs at your fingertips
  • Enquiry database – categorised by type, method, source and requirement
  • Document and email production – mail-merge communications and labels for individual providers, staff, contacts and enquirers


The Synergy funding solution manages applications for funding and processes them through to headcount. The solution is highly configurable and able to manage complex funding structures, and can create a payment file for the LA’s finance system.

Using Synergy’s Provider Portal, providers can easily complete their headcount online, including making claims for funding and Early Years Pupil Premium.

Online enquiries

As well as providing a solution that allows LAs to process and record enquiries efficiently, Synergy can enable parents to search for suitable childcare providers online at their convenience. They can tailor the results to their requirements, such as distance from their home.

Online forms

Each year, LAs need to collect significant volumes of information from providers. Synergy facilitates this and avoids the need for expensive and complex paper-based forms by utilising its online Provider Portal.

Alongside standard data collection forms, Synergy allows LAs to configure, produce and publish as many online forms as they require, allowing for targeted, quick-to-complete forms and increase response rates.