Free school meals and benefits

Synergy's Free School Meals and Benefits (FSMB) module provides local authorities with a powerful, straightforward solution to the management and allocation of free school meals, clothing vouchers and a range of other grants.

Current free school meal application processes require sight of an appropriate benefit receipt for proof of eligibility and use paper-based application forms, which are then manually keyed into an administration system.

Synergy FSMB offers in-record, real-time hub eligibility confirmation and batch eligibility review. Parents can access a simple-to-use, online application form through Synergy's Parent Portal, that offers free school meals applications in addition to applications for school places. Once approved, parents receive notification in writing, through e-mail or via the same online system used to make the application. The final stage of the process notifies the school.

Synergy's School Admissions module provides school staff with access to lists of children applying to attend their school, and with the addition of Synergy FSMB, the school can be presented with simple, sortable lists of all children who are eligible to receive free school meals.

  • Supports a wide range of grants and benefits, not just free school meals
  • Can be used simultaneously by multiple teams
  • Processes, timescales and terminology can be changed to suit local needs
  • Process automation and batch functionality
  • Single point of entry
  • One system for managing multiple grant, voucher and benefit programmes
  • Record the family or child once, and use for many services
  • Eligibility checking, application processing, and GIS mapping all in one product integration
  • Seamlessly and automatically share information with colleagues and other agencies
  • Powerful reporting and business intelligence analysis
  • Built-in address verification and checking
  • Fully customisable terminology and styling to integrate into existing local authority web services
  • Applications can be completed quickly and easily, from any internet enabled location
  • Submitted applications appear in the back office straight away for review and processing
  • Powerful record matching of applicant and child details minimises the risk of data duplication

Pupil Support Service

Every child matters, so it is vital to provide joined up case management across departments, services and agencies. PSS provides a core system for information sharing and assessment of young people in need of support. Each service and practitioner can record their activity, focus and time spent information. Case notes can be recorded to provide a detailed record of intervention and results and re-produced to deliver a complete case history.

At a glance, professionals can see which services are providing support, although the detail of their involvement may be kept private. Service delivery reporting can provide information to managers on time spent per case, per professional and per service basis. Workflow allows procedures to be formalised and automated as far as possible with high levels of integration to Microsoft Word for letter production, and an email contact option.

  • Sensory support
  • CAF 
  • Children causing concern
  • Education welfare
  • Children missing education
  • Exclusions
  • Gifted children
  • Attendance registers
  • Legal intervention
  • Looked after children
  • PEP
  • Physical/medical
  • Substance misuse
  • Young parent
  • Truancy
  • Employment & entertainment
  • Young carer
  • Disability register
  • Youth offending

Special Educational Needs

The Special Educational Needs module allows local authorities to manage the complex provision of a child’s special educational needs. It also facilitates the recording of, and direct payments to, a nominated bank account (rather than a school) for personal budgets.

Support for the Education and Healthcare Plan (EHCP) is built-in to the SEN module, allowing you to view all relevant information in one place.  The web module allows permissions to be set for who can access and contribute to the plan, and tailor the way that information is presented so that it is relevant for the person viewing it.  Professionals can contribute from anywhere via the secure Gateway website making it easier and quicker to collate information within the statutory timeframe and compile the plan.


The Transport module records the transport provision offered and managed by the local authority. This includes the contractors being used, the 'routes', and details of the specific transport needs and provision made for each child/young person.

Governor Administration & Training

The Governors and Training System (GATS) improves a Local Authority’s Governing Body administration in accuracy, accountability and value, ensuring that stakeholders get the most precise information.

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