Your fast track test request and results management system

Could the RiO EPR Order Communications and Results Reporting modules save you £1.5m?

Pathology underpins the vast majority of clinical interactions. Yet some Community and Mental Health Trusts in England still user paper to communicate with their local pathology and radiology services.

By implementing the fully digitised Order Communications and Results Reporting modules for RiO EPR, your NHS Trust will improve safety and efficiency. You will be able to dramatically increase your productivity, reduce delays, and eliminate errors. You could also save as much as £1.5m over five years.

With this seamless, electronic order communications and results reporting, clinicians can request tests and procedures, track test progress and access results instantly - all within one single, easy-to-use system.

Around 95% of clinical pathways rely on patients having access to efficient, timely and cost-effective pathology services.

Save costs and increase efficiencies

The RiO Order Communications and Results Reporting modules eliminate most manual processes – such as deciphering handwritten notes. This improves overall data quality and reduces the costs associated with processing paper requests.

Enhance patient care and safety

The RiO Order Communications module improves levels of patient care and safety by giving clinicians the confidence that an order has gone to the right place, then instant access to up-to-date results.

Achieve your paper-lite ambitions

The RiO Order Communications module will help you hit your paperless targets, saving millions, improving services, and meeting the challenges of an aging population and the increasing demands on health services.

Achieve efficiencies and cost reductions

The RiO Order Communications module is aligned with the Carter Review. It highlights efficiencies to be made in the NHS, specifically around more effective use of pathology services to improve patient outcomes.

Key benefits of Order Communications and Results Reporting modules

For Trusts:

  • Reduces the cost impact of re-testing
  • Improves turnaround times by enhancing workflow between care settings and labs
  • Improves patient care through increased speed of requests and results

For Clinicians:

  • Reduces transcription error and the need to re-test
  • Improves identification and management of samples
  • Provides multi-disciplinary teams with timely information and specialist advice
  • Enables better treatment planning

For Patients

  • Gives people more control of their own health as a result of better access to test results
  • Improves patience convenience and safety

 Key Features

  • Track orders and see results immediately in calendar, list or trend views
  • Result reports can be viewed online, in graphs, printed out or transferred into letters for GPs
  • Patient test history is raised alongside reports
  • One click access to a favourites list for commonly placed orders
  • You select the range of services to include, and choose how information is presented
  • Full specimen collection support with collection task allocation
  • Convenient order set grouping by specialty for commonly placed orders
  • Graph test results history to show trends and identify signs of patient deterioration

If you'd like more information on how the RiO EPR Order Communications and Results Reporting modules could save you £1.5m, click here or email us at

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