As local authorities across the country are faced with constantly falling budgets and ever increasing caseloads, social services is under pressure to deliver more with less. 

Our solution is simple - one solution, one platform.  Mosaic provides a modern fully integrated solution for Adults, Children’s and financial case management on a single platform, which means a lower cost of ownership for local authorities as well as less resources to manage multiple systems and databases. 

With the help of our customers we are continuing to grow and innovate. We believe that by putting the service user at the heart of the system we help support practical day to day working for frontline staff. Mosaic has been designed based on four key principles:

  • Improving decision making
  • Telling the client’s story
  • Saving time for practitioners
  • Supporting collaboration with families and other agencies

Each customer is provided with the Standard Practice Configuration in Mosaic which provides all the workflows, forms, reference data and reports that are required to meet statutory and legislative requirements using the four principles. This enables a council to implement Mosaic quickly and efficiently.

Mosaic is a fully mobile solution for both online and offline working running on any device with a modern browser including tablets, laptops, or smartphone; it is a responsive solution that adapts to your local needs.  With Dynamic Workflow technology built into the Mosaic system, social care teams can seamlessly manage case work, contracts, finance or electronic documents; vital information you need about your service users is just a click away.  The sophisticated user interface helps you get to where you need to, in the customer journey, quickly and efficiently.

An integral solution meeting Scottish legislation and criminal justice

We understand the different social care requirements in Scotland. Scottish legislation and Criminal Justice functionality is an integral part of Mosaic. Each customer is provided with the Mosaic Scottish Standard Practice Configuration which includes a set of fully developed workflows and forms to cover the requirements for Adults, Children’s, Young People social work and Criminal Justice legislation. The Standard Practice Configuration also enables a council to implement Mosaic quickly and efficiently as it provides your “starter for 10” of all workflows and forms.

Servelec is already well-established in Scotland with Mosaic deployed in local authorities, including Dundee City Council, East Lothian Council, Midlothian Council, Scottish Borders Council and Dumfries & Galloway Council. Our customers actively engage in our Scottish user groups and make a vital contribution to the development of our products.

Servelec Healthcare has been awarded the contract with NHS Scotland to provide the new Scottish Child Public Health and Wellbeing System with its electronic patient record solution, RiO. This enhances our ambition to offer our customers a truly single view of the service user with integration between our two solutions, RiO and Mosaic.

A modern case management solution for modern practice

Social care practice is constantly changing, whether this is driven by legislative changes or new, innovative models of care being introduced.  Mosaic is designed to support social workers to focus on the service uses and their outcomes, providing social workers with the tools and technology to work innovatively, to assess and understand the service users needs and to capture these effectively in Mosaic.

The dynamic workflows within the system are designed and appraised by our team who have a background in social care, and follows the natural working practices and processes to reinforce outcome based service delivery.  With Mosaic, social workers can work flexibly with its agile and responsive architecture to deliver support and care where it’s needed.

An intuitive case management solution based on practice led business processes

The Mosaic solution is built on a foundation of best practice, known as our Standard Practice Configuration (SPC).  This provides an ‘out of the box’ full set of pre-built workflows and forms for Adults, Children’s and Finance services that are designed to meet statutory and legislative requirements.  

Mosaic is a system that speaks to your local needs; the forms are easily configurable so local authorities can build their own forms without needing external resource.  Modelled on best practice from across local authorities, the Standard Practice Configuration delivers rapid time to go-live supporting social care teams throughout the implementation process.

Modern case management: an enabler of cultural change

At Servelec, we understand that social care teams capture and record large amounts of data, and reviewing the prioritisation to meet increasing caseloads is a growing challenge. 

Mosaic is a modern case management solution, at its heart a system that supports social workers to focus on the individual and their outcomes.  The flexible nature of Mosaic allows local authorities to build a configuration fit for them, resulting in a solution that truly supports what happens on the ground in social care; this also represents an important enabler of cultural change – see Wigan Council case study.


Mosaic provides a fully integrated and flexible finance module to support end to end case management for both Adults and Children’s social care and partner organisations.

The finance functionality in Mosaic supports social care finance teams with managing contracts and budgets, making payments and charging suppliers to effectively control all financial elements related to the delivery of social care.

Single database: improved data quality and accuracy

The Mosaic solution is a single database solution and not a multi-vendor solution, unlike other social care solutions in the marketplace. 

Mosaic’s single database provides one unified record, which is consistent across Adults finance and Children’s social care, providing a single holistic view of every influential aspect of their life. Practitioners can be confident they have all the essential and accurate information required, to manage and deliver effective care and intervention. Full integration also means that concepts such as family-based recording can be realised. Other smart features, such as pre-population from case management into the financial assessments means that Mosaic improves data quality and accuracy.

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Joining up social practice with I.T. – Signs of Safety

At Servelec, we are passionate about joining up social practice with I.T. to improve outcomes for children and their families.

We are the Lead Development Partner in the UK for Signs of Safety and our collaboration with Munro, Turnell and Murphy revolutionises social care practice by ensuring that the important work being undertaken by practitioners, with children, young people and their families, is fully reflected in the family group case record in Mosaic. This is achieved by using modern recording practices including intuitive pathways, logical forms, and forward-facing creative apps to support the implementation of practice in social care.


Evaluating and evidencing outcomes - Outcomes StarTM


Servelec is an approved supplier of the Outcomes Star and provides a suite of star forms within the Mosaic application. With increasing pressure on Children’s Services to supply outcomes data to commissioners and funders, the Outcomes Star integrated in Mosaic helps to provide organisations, and service users, with invaluable data about progress and the overall effectiveness of their services in meeting outcomes. 

All teams can make use of Star data to evaluate the effectiveness of service interventions helping to improve services and evidence success.  The Star provides a graphical interpretation of the progress made and outcomes can be recorded in the same place (with all other records) to ensure there is a full history of the outcomes of work undertaken with a family.