Mosaic Health Viewer - seamless integration for health and social care records

What value do you place on enabling easy access to healthcare records for your social workers?

Ensuring access to accurate and up-to-date information from a variety of records is an essential part of delivering effective integrated social and health care.

Servelec HSC’s solution provides practitioners with direct access to shared care records, and a more informed, holistic view of anyone they are working with. This reduces the risk of human error or inaccurate information. It gives social workers immediate access to essential records that would otherwise be time-consuming to retrieve.

Servelec HSC's Mosaic Health Viewer provides a quick, simple way to see shared care records and history stored on a Mosaic case management system. It connects social care and the multiple data entries of GP, hospital and outpatient care into a simple, single view.

How does the Health Integration Exchange work?

Mosaic provides a range of interfaces to third party Shared Care Record (SCR) software products, which are typically implemented by regional NHS organisations to enable a holistic view of a patient across all settings.

This means that health records are brought together into a single system that pulls data from multiple sources and displayed in Mosaic. Mosaic can also provide a view of the patient’s record to external users via the SCR platform which can be customised to include any data related to the patient in Mosaic.

Anyone’s shared records can easily be viewed and, depending on the level of access granted, updated with documentation following a new health assessment by the practitioner.

Role based security features can be enabled and help maintain data security and privacy by restricting access to records, so that only those practitioners who require access to certain records are given permission.

Key benefits of Servelec HSC's Mosaic Health Viewer

For a Local Authority

Local Authorities are expected to adhere to the government agenda to improve services and drive efficiencies but are also under constant budget restraints.

Servelec HSC’s solution allows the Local Authority to:

  • Deliver against government policy and manage administrative and care functions more effectively
  • Integrate social and health records effectively
  • Reduce time-consuming manual processes and human error
  • Improve service user’s experience by delivering holistic care through an integrated system

Benefits to the social care practitioner

To provide the best, most rounded care, carers need to be able to gather health data from additional sources, such as GP and hospital records. This can be time consuming and inefficient, distracting the carer from their core activities.

Servelec HSC’s solution helps the social worker:

  • Get easy and accurate access to all health records
  • Cut time-consuming manual data input and management processes
  • Focus on care rather than administration
  • Improve data accuracy and quality , deliver more effective, better decision making
  • Use a more holistic view to promotes multi agency working through integration
  • Get immediate access to data that would otherwise be unavailable or difficult to obtain

Benefits to the citizen

The cases and records that belong to a citizen are distributed across a number of different systems. They are often not integrated, and their case may be made up of a combination of electronic and paper records. This means it is difficult for carers to have a holistic view, and the effectiveness of care can suffer.

Servelec HSC’s solution helps the citizen:

  • By allowing carers to deliver more consistent, effective holistic care
  • By providing a more complete, accurate picture with multiple agency access
  • Be identified through the individual health index number across health and social care services
  • Feel reassurance with increased confidence in the ‘system’

To find out how Servelec HSC's Mosaic Health Viewer can give you controlled access to accurate and up-to-date information from a variety of health records, click here or contact us at

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