Flow: creating a digital patient flow journey

In many hospital departments, the measure of performance is dependent on the way patient flow and the supply and demand of beds is managed. The efficient management of patient flow impacts the safe and efficient functioning of the service, especially during periods of high demand for beds.

Servelec’s patient flow and bed management solution, Flow, supports hospital teams to deliver the right care to the right patient, at the right time. The modern solution works on digital whiteboards, and mobile devices, to create the right environment for hospitals to standardise data capture, digitally manage the supply and demand of beds and provide timely information so teams can work collaboratively to deliver safe and effective care to patients.

Servelec’s Flow solution provides a real-time view of bed occupancy to help improve the quality of patient care, reduce risk and save time. Flow interfaces with the existing patient administration systems and departmental solutions to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Go paperless

Servelec’s Flow solution removes the need for paperbased processes as the system is managed on a digital whiteboard, as well as on a mobile device. The whiteboard enables clinicians to see at a glance the status of patients on their wards. This includes seeing the status of interventions the patient is receiving, for example if a physiotherapy referral is active. Flow helps to drive your hospital’s digital strategy and provide an experience of joined up care for patients.


Deliver a safer patient journey

A real-time view of patients’ movements and bed occupancy enables clinical teams to foresee bed conditions with up-to-date information so all team members are better informed. The clinical indicators in Flow ensures that care needs are not overlooked. Furthermore the dissemination of data in real-time allows teams to plan more effectively, delivering a safer and more efficient experience for patients.


Achieve greater efficiencies

Flow helps to drive improvements in communication and efficiency across the hospital. The innovative patient flow solution maximises bed capacity, deliver time savings and reduce waiting times for care processes. The combination of benefits helps to create a collaborative environment for teams to work together and feel empowered to deliver safe and effective patient care.


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Servelec’s Flow solution has enabled nurses to admit, transfer and discharge patients in real-time which, for
the first time, allows St Vincent’s University Hospital to have an accurate 24/7 patient census. 

Dermot Cullinan, Director of ICT, St Vincent's University Hospital;

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