Delivering increased productivity and efficiency is essential for sustainability. Social care providers are looking at new and innovative ways to redesign their services to empower service users and carers, so they can manage their needs online.

Finestra is Servelec’s secure, integrated portal solution designed to improve service delivery and give access to citizens, carers and to remove the duplication of data entry for professionals and providers. The benefits of shifting communication, engagement and transactions to lower cost digital channels helps local authorities to improve a service user’s experience and use available resources more productively.

A person-centred approach

Finestra supports person-centred planning and a self-serve approach enabling people to plan and action their support needs. Individuals can access and engage with your services more effectively, providing them with the ability to be in control of their own information.

Finestra enables a person to:-

  • Submit information - this could be a selfassessment or a notification of concern
  • Contribute to a Mosaic workflow step presented in Finestra and attach relevant documents - for instance direct payment monitoring information or financial assessment
  • Review case summary details, assessment and care plan documents, and personal budget information

Carers, parents or approved representatives can ‘act for’ the person receiving support using Finestra and review information and submit and contribute to work steps on their behalf.

Key benefits:

  • Access to information empowers an individual as well as their carer, parent or representative to know what is happening and to make informed choices
  • Case records are accessible to all involved parties who can submit, contribute and review case information ensuring accuracy of the case record
  • External professionals and providers can submit information to initiate a workflow in Mosaic, removing multiple data entry
  • Data remains secure and user access is under the local authority’s control
  • Local authorities maintain local control of page design and theme in line with the corporate website

Security and usability

Finestra provides a secure platform for users to safely submit, contribute and review information held in Mosaic.

Finestra connects to Mosaic using the secure network protocol HTTPS. User access to case information requires approval from the council and is activated in Mosaic. Users logon using an authorisation process that requires them to enter a randomly generated code, sent to their registered email address, as well as their username and password. User permissions for access to case information and forms are managed in Mosaic.

Finestra’s responsive design means any type of device can be used without any loss of usability. Mosaic workflows and forms are fully integrated with Finestra so the forms are held and maintained in one place i.e. in Mosaic. Changes made to a form in Mosaic are immediately available in Finestra.

Finestra can be styled and themed to reflect corporate branding. It enables you to build fully featured web pages with text, image and audio visual content and Finestra widgets that display the information forms from Mosaic.

Engaging your partners

Partners can also collaborate directly via Finestra, allowing them to receive notifications, supply information online and view records. Finestra enables external professionals and providers to submit a notification or request in the same way as an individual and they can also contribute to a workflow step, like a needs review, via Finestra.

Finestra: shifting communication, citizen empowerment

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