Payments Familiarisation

Who should attend

Suitable for anyone who wants to use Mosaic Finance for processing invoices in payment cycles.

What will I learn?

Delegates will see the full process of certifying and completing payment cycles and leave with an understanding of how payments are processed.


1/2 day of talks or one day with hands-on experience.



Course Programme


- Configuration concepts

- Completing payment cycles for scheduled and invoice types


Who should attend?

Suitable for anyone using Mosaic Finance for processing billing cycles. For example, staff involved in setup, project teams, trainers, new system administrators, leading financial assessment and billing staff.

What will I learn?

The course will take people through the screens that specialist staff will employ to enter invoices, import electronic invoices and pay on schedule. It will also introduce the range of interfacing and reporting possible to support these processes. We will cover both how and why the screens are used and the underlying functionality being used.


1 day


Purchasing course completed (Admin tool required)

Course Programme

- Manual and e-invoices

- Scheduled payment cycles

- Admin Tool


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