We understand the importance of financial reporting and the unique reporting needs of individual councils and health care trusts. Abacus provides complex reporting for debt management, payments and income; allowing councils to gain visibility of future financial commitments.


  • Ability to report on the following aspects commitment projection reports, aged debtors, financial assessments and benefits, transaction reports for billings and payments
  • Ability to construct Microsoft Word template letters for mail merge within Abacus


  • Local configuration to define fields included, design and presentation of reports
  • User defined fields can be locally configured to capture and report on bespoke data requirements
  • System users can design and save new reports meeting local policy requirements


System Work Trays have been designed in Abacus to support managers monitoring and assigning work to individual staff. They also support system users to effectively manage their own workloads.


  • Clear management of assigned issues for a system user and for a manager overseeing numerous system users
  • Assisted management of imported data ensuring consistency of data in both case management system and Abacus
  • Eradicates spread sheets and manual processes
  • Prevents errors occurring from manual processes


  • Automated validation checks reducing the risk of anomalies
  • System alerts automating much of the administration processes for deferred payment agreements
  • Specialised work trays for managing deferred payment agreements, service orders, integration and deceased clients
  • Ability to produce CSV files direct from abacus for large reports, enabling data to be imported into other reporting tools

Much of the recent development is based on giving us choice about configuration settings via customer maintainable tables so that we can change the way we use the application without the need to ask Abacus for developments. The introduction of user defined fields and screens builds on this approach and affords significantly more system functionality that reduces the reliance on spreadsheet based informal processes."

Steve Power, Service Manager, Income and Assessments, Manchester City Council