Abacus provides sophisticated financial assessment and mobile financial assessment software, designed to reduce manual processing costs. Mobile assessments can be done efficiently within the Service user’s home allowing councils to collect income sooner.


Councils are able to collect income earlier, Abacus also prevents loss of income when annual reassessments are required

  • Detailed financial assessments are conducted quickly and efficiently
  • Visiting officers have latest legislation data to hand when conducting mobile assessments
  • Data entry and rekeying information is reduced
  • Fully auditable database - replacing manually maintained spreadsheets that are susceptible to corruption


  • Automated annual reassessments, providing ability to collect adjusted contributions earlier
  • Productions of accurate budget and commitment reporting
  • Locally configurable perimeters, allowing councils to adapt to specific charging policies
  • Detailed assessment calculation break downs, providing customers with clarity to reduce queries
  • Mobile solution allowing input and completion of financial assessment in the service users home

Mobile financial assessment solution is proven to reduce assessment times and administration.

Abacus’s Financial assessment modules fully integrate with Service user billing and provider payments functionality. Any changes to assessments automatically adjusts service user contributions and payments to providers.

“We have found many benefits from using Abacus for our Financial Assessments namely, the benefit parameters have made it easier for us to calculate contributions and also to reduce input errors. The facility to generate mail merge letters and breakdowns has also helped us to reduce our workloads considerably.”

“The use of adjustments has been incredibly helpful when reassessing customers; especially those in residential care. The ability to mass recalculate means that we can adjust thousands of assessments at the press of a button.”

Ashley Leduc, Service Delivery Manager, Financial Assessments, LGSS Northamptionshire County Council