Servelec HSC Norwich

10 Norwich Business Park
Whiting Road

Servelec HSC is the only company which can provide a joined up approach to sharing data across healthcare, social care and education settings. As these markets converge to provide integrated care, we are ahead of the curve in offering modern, reliable systems that help the delivery of improved care and outcomes across all care settings.

Our office in Norwich focuses on education and social care finance product suites. This includes:

  • Synergy: Synergy gives local authorities a practical, clear and reliable way of managing critical information around the education, safeguarding and care of children and young people. The Synergy suite manages all aspects of Children's Services. Learn more here.
  • Abacus: Abacus is an integrated suite of products designed to manage social care finance. Learn more here.

To find out how our integrated education and social care finance platforms can help you to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, please contact us here.