Servelec HSC Edinburgh

Crichton House
4 Crichton's Close

Servelec HSC is the only company which can provide a joined up approach to sharing data across healthcare, social care and education settings. As these markets converge to provide integrated care, we are ahead of the curve in offering modern, reliable systems that help the delivery of improved care and outcomes across all care settings.

Our office in Edinburgh focuses on our social care product suite. This includes:

  • Mosaic: Mosaic provides a modern fully integrated solution for Adults, Children’s and financial case management on a single platform, which means a lower cost of ownership for local authorities as well as less resources to manage multiple systems and databases. Learn more here.
  • Finestra: Finestra is a professional online social care portal that interfaces with Servelec HSC’s Mosaic case management software so that citizens, associated professionals and care providers can manage the effective care of an individual. Learn more here.
  • Corius: Corius is a flexible business intelligence tool that easily integrates with Servelec’s case management solution, Mosaic, to deliver the big picture and provides a clear view of what is happening across your local authority’s services. Learn more here.

To find out how our integrated social care systems can help you to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, please contact us here.