Servelec’s ‘Single View of the Child’ vision to become a reality

Servelec, the UK-headquartered technology group, is pleased to announce that it has conditionally agreed to acquire the Synergy business from Tribal Education Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tribal Group plc, a comprehensive suite of products delivering the Children’s Services aspiration of the ‘single view of the child’.

Servelec understands the increasing pressures on Local Authorities and the need to improve the quality and efficiency of information sharing and collaborative working.  Without integrated information, multi-agency working is time and labour intensive.

Synergy provides a comprehensive suite of software products that helps local authorities manage critical information within Children’s Services including education, safeguarding and children’s centres. 

The combination of Synergy with Servelec’s existing social care product suite provides a unique end-to-end solution in Children’s Services offering a single view of a child across all areas of service provision. Local authorities will be able to access both companies’ systems bringing data together into one easily accessible place, supporting much greater collaboration within the local authorities and reducing the requirement for duplicate data entry.  

Synergy’s solutions are implemented in over 100 Local Authorities in England and Wales, with excellent customer retention and a proven ability to unseat incumbent vendors. The software is installed in almost 60% of local authorities in England, with a full suite deployed in approximately 30% of local authorities. 

The proposed acquisition of Synergy fits with Servelec’s ambitions to drive market share growth in existing areas, and to enhance its product offering with complementary technologies that match the needs of its customer base in the local authorities. 

Servelec’s proposed acquisition also includes the transfer of over 60 skilled professionals, adding to its specialist team with extensive expertise across health, social care and now education.

Leading the joined up approach across children’s health, education and social care 

Servelec recognises effective partnership working across statutory agencies is the primary tool in achieving the best outcomes for children and their families, and this new collaboration will make this a reality. 

Synergy’s software solutions have been designed in collaboration with social care practitioners and experts in education to provide local authorities with a flexible and innovative approach. The solution is designed to adapt to changes in policy or legislation, while ensuring practitioners can focus on keeping children and young people supported and safe.

Legislative changes in the provision of Child Health services will see all local authorities becoming responsible for Children’s Community Health by 2020.

The combination of Synergy and Servelec’s suite of products expands its relevance to the existing customer base and new customers as local authorities prepare for the changes to the provision of Child Health services. 

Furthermore, the new collaboration facilitates the sharing of good practice and intelligence across Synergy and Servelec’s systems, enhancing the skills and knowledge base of the workforce and in turn providing further added value and a fresh dynamic to the marketplace. 

The Synergy team is led by Steve Kierney who will continue in his role to maintain strategic direction to the team and high quality service provision to new and existing customers.

An end-to-end product suite matching the Converged Care agenda

The Synergy suite includes an online admissions system for parents, local authorities and schools to record details and decisions of school applications, as well as facilitating the receipt of data regarding each child’s education activity and needs-based support enabling a holistic view of the child to be provided to authorised practitioners.

The Acquisition further strengthens Servelec’s position in the Social Care market following the acquisition of Corelogic in December 2014. The assets of this transaction will become part of Servelec’s Social Care business unit, a constituent part of Servelec Health & Social Care segment.

This announcement reinforces Servelec’s previous statements regarding positioning itself to take a lead in the Converged Care agenda. The expansion into Education further compounds this ambition as it demonstrates the one true end-to-end solution available in the market.

Summary of the proposed acquisition of Synergy from Tribal Group plc

Servelec has conditionally agreed to acquire the Synergy business from Tribal Education Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tribal Group plc, for a consideration of £20.25 million (the "Acquisition") in cash on completion.

The Acquisition is a Class 1 transaction for the Seller under the Listing Rules and is therefore conditional, inter alia, upon Tribal attainting approval for the disposal from its Shareholders. 

The proposed purchase includes the intellectual property rights for the Synergy suite, transfer of 63 skilled professionals, strong customer relationships together with contracts and maintenance agreements. Completion is expected to occur during March 2016.

Garry McCord, CEO of Servelec Corelogic said:

"I am delighted to announce the proposed acquisition of Synergy to help drive forward the Converged Care agenda and support collaborative working partnerships across local authorities and statutory agencies.

The collaboration with Synergy will bring a wealth of expertise and an innovative product suite that will enhance the offering to our customers, delivering added value and a new dynamic partnership.

The combined offering will allow our local government clients to improve their child care services by having a single view of a child’s needs, supporting them to deliver the care and support required.”

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