Servelec launches the big picture across health, social care and education

Further to the announcement made on 1 March 2016, Servelec is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of the Synergy business from Tribal Education Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tribal Group plc. 

The subsidiary of Servelec Group PLC will now be known as Servelec Synergy and will form part of Servelec’s social care business, Servelec Corelogic, the UK market leading provider of next generation adult and social care case management. The combined offering of Servelec Corelogic and Servelec Synergy will deliver a strong and dynamic proposition.

Servelec Synergy provides a comprehensive suite of products designed to give practitioners working within Children’s Services a practical, clear and reliable way of managing critical information around the education, safeguarding and care of children and young people.

Servelec Corelogic will now offer the Servelec Synergy product suite and incorporate over 60 skilled professionals, creating a team with extensive expertise across social care, early help, education and early years. The partnership will support local authorities to improve the quality and efficiency of information sharing, enhance collaborative working between partner agencies, leading to improved outcomes for children and their families. 

Servelec Corelogic and Servelec Synergy are trusted solutions and have significant presence in their respective marketplaces established over many years.  Being the first to market with such an extensive product suite allows the business to focus on the integration of market leading products, instead of developing new functionality that takes a substantial amount of time to develop and test.

Both teams are excited to be working on the integration of their existing market leading systems to deliver the single view of a child.

Dynamic partnership to deliver the big picture single view of a child

The integration of Servelec Corelogic’s case management solutions and Servelec Synergy’s product suite will help to deliver the big picture single view of a child, young person or family, with all information easily recorded and readily available across the product suite. 

The enduring success of Servelec Corelogic and Servelec Synergy’s businesses are attributed to the quality and flexibility of the product, strong market knowledge, high customer satisfaction and outstanding retention. 

The business model offers customers a ‘best of breed’ product, flexible solutions and tools to meet their needs.  It is recognised that an interoperable solution is required and this step forward aligns with Servelec’s commitment to techUK’s Interoperability Charter.  The combined Servelec business plans to continue this flexible approach but allows customers access to a wider array of products from the broader portfolio.

The new collaboration brings together a wealth of experience and strong market knowledge which will give customers added value from the significant expertise of both teams.

Garry McCord, CEO of Servelec Corelogic said:

“Servelec Corelogic has taken a significant step forwards, with the acquisition of Servelec Synergy, to be the only organisation able to deliver the single view of a child. 

Working in partnership with Servelec, the Synergy product suite will bring added value to our local authority customers, in terms of expertise and tried and trusted solutions, that will help take their business to the next level and improve outcomes for children and their families.

The new partnership will also maximise our strengths across both business areas. Servelec Corelogic’s market leading case management solution, Mosaic, combined with Servelec Synergy’s extensive product suite positions us as an elite player in the social care market.

We are already working on integration with our new colleagues at Servelec Synergy to deliver the single view of a child vision, and we are very excited about the future.”

Seamless integrated working across health, social care and education

Legislative changes in the provision of Child Health services will see all local authorities becoming responsible for Children’s Community Health by 2020.

The integration of Servelec’s case management solution, Mosaic, and Synergy’s product suite will deliver a seamless way of working for social care and education practitioners.  Having an integrated solution results in lower cost of ownership as well as helping to ensure a consistent approach is adopted by all staff.  Local authority customers will benefit from partnering with a supplier that offers established ‘best of breed’ products that integrate effectively.

Effective information sharing across systems, partner agencies and organisations is simple with the Synergy product suite.  Full visibility of each and every individual gives authorised users the timely insight they need to make key decisions, resulting in powerful positive outcomes for children and their families.

Servelec Corelogic customers are able to integrate with the Synergy product suite, and Servelec Synergy’s existing customers will also receive the same benefits but with access to Servelec Corelogic’s case management solution, thereby collectively enhancing its product offering with complementary technologies that match the needs of its customer base in the local authorities.

Steve Kierney, Managing Director of Servelec Synergy added:

“Joining Servelec is incredibly positive and encouraging for Synergy, our employees and customers. 

The joint offering will provide our customers in the local authorities with modern integrated solutions that will ultimately support them in delivering improved outcomes for children and their families.  

We are very much looking forward to working with the Servelec Corelogic team to maximise our full potential as part of Servelec, and creating significant value for our customers to deliver unmatched quality and service.”

Click here to download Servelec's The Big Picture - Single view of a child vision.

Servelec Health & Social Care has been at the forefront of many initiatives to transform the way information is gathered and used across the care settings.  We are already working with customers to pilot new ways of working to support the sharing of data across healthcare and social care settings.

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