Servelec, a provider of Digital Care software, has announced that Cambridgeshire County Council’s adult preventative and social work teams are now live with its Mosaic case management system to underpin the support of vulnerable adults in the county.

Mosaic, the single-platform case management solution across social care from Servelec, has been deployed by Cambridgeshire County Council to support 800 staff in its adult services team. Mosaic will enable social workers to share best practice and simplify recording and monitoring of pathways to better manage their community’s social care needs. Frontline staff, including social workers, now have a clearer digital picture of the care pathways available to those in need and faster, more secure communication, using Mosaic’s collaborative platform.

Cambridgeshire County Council selected Mosaic from Servelec to replace its incumbent Swift AIS system. Mosaic has enabled social workers and outreach teams to integrate forms and reference the reports and data which are required to meet the statutory and legislative requirements.

Sue Grace, Director of Corporate and Customer Services at Cambridgeshire County Council, commented, “Mosaic is really making a difference to our frontline workers, and they are inspired and excited by the breadth of its capabilities and the time it’s saving them. Servelec has enabled us to make a profound cultural change with the deployment of Mosaic. Our previous system was inconsistent and not fit to support our digital ambition.

“Cambridgeshire’s development of Mosaic has been driven to try and achieve the principle that the professional discipline of social work should be delivered utilising the tools we have, which includes IT systems. We have aimed to deliver a system for our social workers, in Mosaic, which doesn’t dominate the workplace, and allows professional identity and capability to continue to govern our work.

“The challenge we gave to Servelec was to develop Mosaic to enable us to practice within our imperatives. The needs of the individual will always drive how we work with someone, not the system’s needs. Our practitioners must record their working out and sufficient evidence to show their decision making processes. Mosaic needed to be able to help us continue to not rely on process to decide the actions taken and to enable our teams to think for themselves. We needed forms to facilitate proportionate recording and the timing of interventions needs to be evident within the system to all those involved to aid the person’s journey.

Sue Grace continued, “We’re calling Mosaic our ‘system for the system’. From procurement to migration and implementation, Servelec has worked in partnership with us, and the completion of the first phase is something I, as project sponsor, am really proud of.”

Cambridgeshire County Council will move into phase two development from November 2018, working alongside the Council’s broader digital vision. Future developments include:

  • Mobile working - enabling workers to spend less time in the office and more time in the field
  • Portals - shifting communication, engagement and transactions to lower-cost and more effective digital channels
  • Multi-systems integration - providing workers with greater, richer and real time critical data

Richard Betts, Managing Director of Social Care and Education at Servelec, commented, “Social care practice is constantly changing, whether driven by legislative changes or new, innovative models of care being introduced.  We designed Mosaic to support social workers to focus on the service users and their outcomes, with mobile functionality, which is especially important to those working with vulnerable and elderly adults.

“As health and social care practice blends together, an interoperable solution becomes more necessary, to bring together the needs of citizen and service. The flexible nature of Mosaic allowed us to build a configuration fit for Cambridgeshire, resulting in a solution that truly supports what happens on the ground there.

“We’re so pleased that the team is inspired by Mosaic and seeing such great productivity and time savings. We believe that better access to public services means a more motivated workforce.”

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