Outcomes Star™ Brochure

Servelec Corelogic is delighted to announce that they are now an approved supplier of the Outcomes Star™.

Outcomes Star™ is a methodology and toolkit developed by Triangle Consulting for recording and tracking progress with families over a period of support and intervention. It can used with Early Help, Troubled Families, Social Care and other service areas as a way of helping families and practitioners to assess areas of family life with embedded guidance and evidence.

Recording in Mosaic

Servelec Corelogic have developed 3 Stars that can be made available to practitioners Mosaic; Family Star, My Star & Teen Star. Further Stars can be commisioned.

For each Star there are two forms:

1. The basic input forms where the ‘score’ for each area of life is recorded and where notes can also be added.

2. A user guide that can be used to provide guidance and support to those completing the Outcomes Star.

Please contact your account director in the first instance if you want to discuss using the Outcomes Star™ tools in Mosaic.

Reporting in Corius

The journey of change for the 3 stars can be measured using the Outcomes Star dashboard in Corius.

This dashboard measures progress for each outcome during the time spent supporting a family. Progress is based on the ‘score’ recorded in the form and can be measured for individual families and services, thereby supporting analysis on the overall effectiveness of outcomes.

Users can drilldown into the form and display information on any notes that have been recorded. This provides users and family members with the detailed evidence of change.

Division: Servelec HSC

Category: Corelogic, Health & Social Care, Mosaic, Corius