Servelec's Interoperability Conexathon

Hilton Sheffield Hotel

“Servelec has a long-held ambition to play a core role in the government-mandated agenda towards integrated care. Our unique position as a best-of-breed vendor of software solutions across healthcare, social care and education is something that makes me believe we can make this a reality far sooner than others in the market. I have a strong aspiration to make Servelec the most customer-focused and interoperable vendor in the market.”

-Neil Laycock, Managing Director of Servelec HSC’s Healthcare business.


Making interoperability a reality to deliver patient-focussed, integrated care

To achieve our aspirations of being the most customer-focused, interoperable vendor in the healthcare market, Servelec is launching the new Conexes cloud-based interoperability platform and we’d like to invite you to come and try it out with us at an interactive hackathon-style workshop.   

Our state-of the-art cloud based Conexes platform for interoperability allows Trusts, or Local Authorities, to share data with whoever they need to via a secure and safe platform. Rather than a point-to-point solution, it’s more of a broad ‘pick n mix’ API approach to Trusts defining their requirements and needs and then the platform is tailored to suit, very quickly. As a cloud-based solution, customers can be up and running within a few weeks as no new integration hardware is required to deliver a solution.

Format of the Event:

The event is designed for your Trust’s technical team who have a passion for integration and will provide an opportunity to work directly with our product team, making use of the RiO APIs provided via our Conexes platform so you can see how the platform works and can be used to solve some real world integration problems.

As part of the event, we are offering a number of suggested problems where we aim to develop proof of concept solutions demonstrating how Conexes can be used to solve these, such as:


  • How can we get referral requests from other systems, e.g. A&E, NHS 111 and Social Care into Rio?


  • We use other systems to capture clinical information for patients, how can we get this into the Rio patient record without rekeying and manually uploading documents?


  • How can we develop a ‘patient in my hand’ Web App so our clinical inpatient teams can quickly view patient information and record notes and assessments whilst on the go.


  • We have a third-party safeguarding system and we’d like to import patient alert information into the Rio record, how can we do this without rekeying?


  • Your Own Challenge – Can you think of something that would really help your organisation? Come and have a go at implementing directly with our team.


The 2 day event will be hosted on the 12th and 13th September in central Sheffield. We’ll start by providing an overview of the Conexes platform and present a technical view on the platforms capabilities and roadmap before quickly getting our sleeves rolled up and stuck in working with you to see what can be built rapidly against our APIs.

Prizes will be awarded for the best solution built during the Conexathon.

In advance of the event, we’ll share full details of the SDKs for the available Conexes APIs so you can start to get a feel for what they look like and how you might be able to use them – perhaps to support some of your own organisations challenges.

Specific Requirements

Conexes is a very flexible platform, so if during the Hackathon we need additional API’s to get information then we’ll develop PoC’s for these. Similarly, we can develop new APIs for adding information into Rio. If there are any obvious APIs you think you may need to solve some of your Trust’s challenges then please let us know by 24th August so we can prepare these in advance.

What do you need to bring with you? 

A laptop with your development environment installed is all you need to play a key role in the workshop. Conexes  will be available via the internet and connectivity will be available at the venue so if you need to connect to a development environment back at your organisation, then that’s more than possible.

Don’t forget to bring your passion to make interoperability a reality as well as a pinch of creativity and enthusiasm. We’ll provide the coffee and donuts!

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