Until recently Newport City Council has conducted its annual reassessments manually which has been labour intensive. In 2014 we had additional complications from resourcing issues making it a more lengthy process to complete annual reassessments for all Non Residential Service Users. This time lag impacted on the level of income collected by the authority.

Following a review of our procedures we decided to automate much of this process via Abacus and organised onsite training from the Abacus team.


  • Implementing this new approach took 7-10 days of preparation time
  • Assessments for 1,585 Service Users was then achieved within a single day.
  • Reassessment calculations were mailed out to all customers within 2 days
  • All Non Residential Service Users were notified of the changes following their annual reassessment at the same time
  • Delay of income collection for the authority was eradicated
  • A process that had previously taken a number of months was reduced to taking only 12 days.

Final Word
"This process has been hugely beneficial and we will now be implementing the same automated process for our Residential Reassessments. In 2016 we expect to run this for over 2,500 Service Users for both Residential and Non Residential services within a matter of days." 
Matt Evans, Finance and Income Manager, Newport City Council

If you would like to find out more about this functionality, please email or call 08448115081.




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