Scotland’s Digital Future outlines the steps required to ensure Scotland is well placed to take full advantage of the economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by the digital age.  The digital public services strategy positions digital transformation as a key enabler for public service reform.


Dundee City Council has been undergoing a period of major transformation to drive innovation and efficiency in the delivery of social care and health services. To support them in this journey, Dundee City Council replaced their in-house legacy system with Servelec’s case management solution, Mosaic, across Children’s, Adults, Finance, Criminal Justice and Education Services. Mosaic has been a vehicle for change at Dundee City Council, helping to deliver new ways of working, delivering joined up services through integration, supporting multi-agency working and leading to a shift in the way services are delivered to the citizens of Dundee.


When choosing a solution fit for Dundee, the Council’s main priorities were:


  • A system that meets Scottish legislation and all Scottish Criminal Justice requirements
  • Manages client data and process workflows in a flexible way to increase efficiencies and reflect the shift in teams coming together
  • Have the ability to integrate services in the system to support health and social care interoperability


Read the full case study here.

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“A case management system that could adapt to Scottish statutory requirements and processes was fundamental.”

Dundee City Council ;