Innovative organisations in local government are about improving the lives of the people in the communities. Wigan Council is always looking for new and innovative ways to explore and develop their talents and provide opportunities to learn and grow.

Working in close partnership with Servelec Corelogic, the implementation of its Mosaic case management solution in Wigan’s Adult and Finance Services is a good example of how an inclusive and collaborative approach helps to ensure the right foundations for growth and development in the community.

Like many local authorities today, the legacy case management system in Wigan Council did not facilitate collaborative working and presented data quality issues which all resulted in a complicated system and cumbersome way of working for the Adults and Finance team at Wigan.  The Council was limited in terms of using the legacy system to its full capability and there was copious amount of time spent manually inputting data, which was not the most efficient approach.

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Mosaic has been built from the ground up as a fully configurable system. It lends itself to being applied to a wide range of initiatives and local configuration…