Keeping the flow of patients moving through hospitals has a significant impact on the safe and efficient functioning of the health service. The patient flow experience at St Vincent’s University Hospital Dublin has been transformed with Flow, Servelec’s patient flow bed management solution, which uses visual icons on an interactive whiteboard helping to drive improvements in communication and efficiency.

 The Flow solution has removed the need for paper-based processes at St Vincent’s University Hospital and it has provided front line staff with a real-time inpatient journey solution. Enabling admissions transfers and discharges in real-time has supported staff to deliver the right care, to the right patient at the right time. With a real-time view of bed occupancy across the hospital, this has allowed the teams at St Vincent’s University Hospital to forecast bed status with more accurate data, to plan more effectively and ultimately deliver a better and safer experience for their patients.


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A web application employing touch screen technology to improve patient flows and drive the patient journey.