CSH Surrey has used RiO as their core electronic patient record across all services since 2006, supporting children and their families in the community.  


CSH Surrey is a co-owned, not for profit social enterprise that has been providing community services on behalf of the NHS in Surrey since 2006. It was the first organisation of its type to come out of the NHS nearly 10 years ago, and continues to operate with the same pioneering and innovative spirit that means it seeks to continually improve services for the 290,000 children, families and adults it serves.  Care is delivered at 16 clinic and 4 hospital sites on the fixed network and remotely at schools, patient homes and community locations.  Clinical involvement throughout the implementation and on-going development of RiO has supported CSH Surrey to achieve integration with GP systems through the EDT Hub from PCTI.


With the pressure for all records to be digitalised, CSH Surrey wanted an electronic patient record that could provide a full and complete accessible view of a digital child health record.  Reducing costs and time spent on administrative tasks were a key driver to enable nurses and therapists to have more time to engage with clients, improving the care through having the right information at the point of care delivery. 


RiO Child Health allows CSH Surrey full support for personal child health records for children from 0-19 years.  Information relating to antenatal and birth visits/activity are captured on the RiO Birth Details screen, along with details regarding congenital abnormalities and neonatal interventions.  In 2015 CSH Surrey will start using an electronic interface in RiO that will automatically transfer results from the National Newborn Screening Service, ensuring better quality data and reducing errors.

Children who meet the criteria for immunisations or health reviews are automatically given appointments through RiO Child Health Scheduler. In addition, all outcomes from scheduled appointments are recorded within RiO, which is more convenient for the user and enables them to organise their time more effectively and efficiently.  Missed appointments and immunisations are alerted within RiO and are automatically rescheduled, thus helping to improve compliance and ultimately, health outcomes.  RiO also supports specialist services, such as Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Physiotherapy and is used to manage appointments following GP referral.  RiO captures information on immunisations required for the ‘COVER’ statistics and other mandatory reporting which enables CSH Surrey to abstract data quickly.  This saves time and reduces cost.  


CSH Surrey has seen many benefits in using RiO Child Health:

  • RiO has a built in Child Health module so clinicians can see all the information in one place rather than having to log into other systems.
  • All health reviews and immunisations are automatically scheduled within the system so no child is missed, improving quality and consistency of care.
  • All new births are registered and recorded automatically and appointments are generated from this list.
  • Screening tests and immunisations results are input against each individual child’s record within the system.  Reports are run daily to ensure that no child’s screening test is missed.


CSH Surrey’s vision is to explore the flexibility offered by electronic records for integration and interoperability.  Joined up care across the range of health and care providers is vital for ensuring wellbeing, safety and best care for young people across the county. Integrating with local Maternity systems, GP systems and the National Newborn Screening Service will support CSH Surrey in achieving this.  CSH Surrey will also be investing in technology and mobile working to maximise the benefits of electronic records as tools to enhance patient care across rural communities.  

“RiO Child Health has provided our teams and clients with immediate benefits: all information is there at the point of care, improving the quality of care and support we give to children and their families.”

Clare Knight, Head of Children & Families, CSH Surrey

“The Health Visiting team are looking forward to having blood spot results uploaded directly from the lab into RiO, which means no time delays.   This is one of our goals for 2015.”  

Caroline Hornby, Children & Families Team Leader, CSH Surrey



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