Mobilising health and care

With efficiency and modernisation at the forefront of the health and care agenda, mobile working plays a key part in achieving these efficiencies, helping clinicians to provide a higher standard of care and at the same time delivering the ‘paperless by 2020’ agenda.

NHS Trusts and local authorities across the country are faced with budgetary constraints and are under pressure to meet higher demands with limited resources. Servelec HSC believes that with the appropriate mobile tools in place our customers can work more efficiently and effectively, wherever they are.

In health and social care, considerable resources are invested in case management, administrative or clinical systems and we are prioritising how we can maximise benefits and focus future investments on areas that will deliver the greatest impact.

We are in no doubt that modern mobile technology is the future of effective care delivery. With this in mind we are working with our customers across health and social care to develop mobile solutions that deliver results. We have engaged with specialist applications developers to ensure that our suite of apps are modern, user friendly and relevant to the role of the user. 


Achieve greater efficiencies and outcomes

Health and care services are rapidly recognising the need to work in more efficient ways to increase productivity, and the opportunities offered by mobile working are boundless. Our modern Rio mobile platform enables frontline staff to make better use of mobile technology, this means health and care services can: 

- enjoy the convenience of having the relevant information, they need for their role and their patients, at their fingertips

- deliver more value, adapt and respond more quickly with access to real time information

- improve health/outcomes, transform the quality of care and reduce the cost of services

With the increasing use of smartphones, our mobile solutions present real opportunities to transform clinical practice and change the way healthcare is delivered. Utilising the integrated features already on the smartphone, such as voice recognition, camera, GPS, they enable efficient communication, supports faster and improved decision making right at the point of care. Having a modern agile mobile solution helps frontline staff feel more empowered, giving them more control and transparency.

Smart APPlications; information at your fingertips

To help drive improvements and efficiencies, it is essential to adopt a forward thinking approach and use the right tools to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. This will help to improve the individual’s outcome and their experience with the care provider.

Frontline staff in health and social care services are constantly on the move and rarely sit down in front of a desk with a computer. Our Rio mobile platform offers a modern solution that delivers a more personalised and efficient experience, as the user has access to task lists that are relevant to their role - whether this be for a community or district nurse, health visitor or social worker.

Working with our specialist mobile app partner on the creation of our first role based apps, the user friendly application will enable frontline staff to work effortlessly whilst on the move. Tailored to the user’s role / specialism, features on the app enable frontline staff to manage appointments, view patient information, record clinical notes and assessments, maximise visits/mileage using the integrated map on the smartphone, and manage patient alerts.  

Servelec is the only company in the UK to work with Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) Trusts in both the secondary care and acute care settings. Our customers who are awarded GDE status are recognised for their digital maturity and excellence and will act as exemplars for how the rest of the health service can make better use of technology. They will also provide a blueprint for other Trusts going forwards to help to improve the quality of care and the patient experience.

To find out how our modern mobile solutions can help mobilise your workforce, please contact a member of our team today at 

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