One in four adults experiences at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any given year and one child in ten aged between 5 and 15 has experienced a mental disorder. As the NHS places more of a national focus on mental health services by 2020/21, the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health has set out the need for evidence-based treatment pathways, underpinned by access to timely information on patients.

As mental health conditions normally require long term care and monitoring and can have an impact on other facets of daily life, awareness of underlying issues is often flagged to social care workers if an individual or family is known to them. To this end, the ability to easily share informaiton between healthcare and social care systems is paramount to deliver integrated and joined-up care.

Safe patient care is always a top priority for our customers and we work in partnership with all our customers to ensure our solutions meet legislative and statutory requirements. We understand that managing mental health data can often be a challenging process for our healthcare customers.  Increasingly, information about mental health needs is being collected from diverse settings and shared across multi-disciplinary, multi-agency teams to support the long term care that mental health service users require.  Our market leading electronic patient record solution (EPR), RiO, is a trusted and robust solution that is utilised by thousands of healthcare professionals to help improve quality of care, clinical safety, patient experience and productivity.

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