With the aim of improving the experience for the patient, greater integration between care settings in the community is aimed at reducing emergency hospital admissions ad delayed discharges. As the focus moves towards the provision of care outside the hospital, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities are looking for ways, and being encouraged, to share information on individuals, which is where Servelec’s suite of interoperable products can assist.

As the provision of healthcare moves more into the community, technology to support mobile clinicians becomes more critical. RiO supports paperless working and mobility so that healthcare providers can provide high quality care.  It delivers clinical, administrative and case management support to health and social care practitioners working in teams or as individuals.  Using web technology RiO can be easily tailored to meet the needs of planned, unplanned and preventative care services across an organisation.  Patient-centred, RiO connects with NHS Spine Services including the Summary Care Record, the Personal Demographic Service and Choose & Book. 

Flexible enough to integrate with GP’s patient records, public health screening and surveillance programmes, RiO is interoperable with primary, acute and social care systems, including Mosaic, to cover the full spectrum of community health and social care requirements including child health.


Mobile working solutions allow healthcare professionals to view and update patient information at the point of care, ensuring that the right care at the right time is delivered.

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