Adult care services has a big impact on people's lives. 

With changing demographic and economic pressures, social care is under increasing pressure to deliver more with less.  Legacy case management systems present many challenges for local authorities, including data quality issues and solutions that do not support collaborative working across services and with external partners.  There is ongoing commitment by the government to transform the way adult social care services are delivered, and we believe with the right tools, focus and support, new models of care can be delivered more efficiently and effectively with our Mosaic case management software.

Both social care and health care providers are increasingly looking at new and innovative ways to redesign their services to enable services users, and carers, to manage their needs through online portals. 

Servelec’s portal solution, Finestra, provides a secure integrated platform to embrace the channel shift approach.  The benefits of shifting communication, engagement and transactions to lower cost digital channels helps providers to improve customer experience, reduce costs and use available resources more productively.  Finestra enables person-centred planning and a self-serve approach to enable individuals to plan and action their support needs. 

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