Joining up health and social care services and putting the person at the centre of care remains at the very heart of the new models of care. At Servelec, we believe in a joined up approach – sharing information, improving care.

Working together, working smarter

As NHS and local authorities across the country are faced with constantly falling budgets and under pressure to deliver more with less, we believe with the right tools and support, services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively and enabling smarter ways of working.

Our focus is to integrate service areas into one single digital pathway that encompasses modern technologies, channel shift (self-service) and integration, to bring greater efficiencies and cost savings. This will enable information to flow between care providers and service users securely, within and beyond geographical boundaries, to deliver a safe and personalised service.

Why Servelec HSC

Our integrated structure across social care, health care and education/early years, promotes collaborative working to share expertise and knowledge so that we continue to offer our customers the combined best of breed solutions. Click here to learn more about how we are delivering the big picture

Our continuous investment in developing our technologies and our people to deliver market leading products enable smarter ways of working, more efficiently and more effectively. Our offering: 

  • improves access to information;
  • delivers cost benefits;
  • increases productivity;
  • delivers time savings eg. data is only entered once and is available to a number of systems; and
  • supports effective decision making and timely interventions.

Whether you are looking for a cost-effective electronic patient record to meet the needs of digital maturity, upgrade your social care case management system to a modern compliant system, embrace the digital channel shift with online payment portals, upgrade schools admissions systems or improve patient flow and bed management in a hospital, we can help.

To find out more about our product suite, please click here.

Contact a member of our team today at to find out how our modern solutions can support your NHS Trust or local authority to deliver a more efficient and personalised service.

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